After the death of my son, 

I found a way to meet my deepest needs with my art of glass. 

I needed the comfort of something to hold  

while reflecting on our future hope. 

I needed a way to make him beautiful again 

and be sure he was remembered well. 

I would be blessed to provide my glass memorial designs 

to help meet your family's needs. 

~Shari Booth

Our loved ones ashes are beautiful in glass.

Peace Lily - Symbol of hope and rebirth of the soul

Ashes are held in the flowers center which is framed by a colorful petal on top of a green stem. These sculpted glass memorials are beautiful alone and can be added to a wedding bouquet, holiday centerpiece,  christening ceremony  etc.  

Approx. 13-16" long  


Tear Saver Memorial Vase - Reflecting a caring record of tears wept for your loved one

A teaspoon of ashes held within glass flows down the side of a teardrop shaped vase. 

Approx. 10-12" tall  


Halo Globe - Remembering our future hope when looking up

Ashes form a halo of clouds peacefully floating above heavenly places. 

Approx. 3.5"  


Orbs and Hearts

Intertwine Orb - Ashes are a beautiful elemental signature of your loved ones life

Ashes and meaningful color are endlessly intertwined within an orb. 

Approx. 3" 


Embrace Orb - To keep wherever you may call home

Ashes  eternally embrace a favorite color surrounding a kiss of air.    

Approx. 3" 


Intertwine Heart - Love reflected in cremation art

Ashes and meaningful color are endlessly intertwined within a heart. 

Approx 4"tall 


To Keep Close

Memorial Beads - Having something kept close enough to touch can bring great comfort

Ashes are clearly seen in the center of a glass bead surrounding a silver grommet core. 

Approx. 5/8", Pandora compatible 


Touchstones - A stone to be held to help the grieving process, a stone to be let go when you are ready

A dusting of ashes seen in clear glass with the endlessly intertwined symbol pressed into the top.  

Approx. the size of a skipping stone.  


Lily Leaf Stand - Also Made in OKC

A hand-forged iron leaf above a winding iron stem attached to an Oklahoma Sycamore base. Each stand is uniquely created for your lily and can be custom ordered to hold multiple lilies of various colors. 


Love Reflected in Cremation Art through Heavenly Glass in Oklahoma City