Frequently Asked Questions

Heavenly Glass, OKC, Oklahoma, cremation, ashes, glass, urns, dog, cat, funeral flowers, memorial

Do you do engraving?

Yes, engraving the name of your loved one is always included for each memorial piece. We can engrave their formal name or whatever name you called them. Dates can be included if you would like. 

How much ash is required?

Less than one teaspoon is needed for each memorial piece and a 1/4 teaspoon per bead. All unused ashes will be returned.

How do I get the ash from my urn?

We realize it can be difficult to open and remove your loved ones ashes. We provide two options. You can bring the urn to us, we can respectfully remove a spoonful of ashes and immediately hand the urn back to you. Or, See the list of local owned funeral homes in town that we have partnered with on our Contact Us page. They will take care of everything for you at the same price.

Can I mix ash from different loved ones?

Yes.  We would love to help create a unique piece representing your loved ones. 

How similar will my piece look to photos or demonstration pieces?

Sizes and colors will be similar but each piece is as unique as your loved one.

Heavenly Glass, OKC, Oklahoma, cremation, ashes, glass, urns, dog, cat, funeral flowers, memorial

My pet just died what should I do?

By August 2018 we will be partnered with most veterinarian clinics in the OKC area through the pet cremation services they regularly use. Just tell your vet what you want and they should already have everything you need.

My family memeber just died and we are having them cremated, what should I do?

Take time to discuss with your family what everyone is comfortable with. If you are using a local owned funeral home that we are partnered with (see list on Contact Us Page) , then they will take care of everything for you.  Otherwise, ask your funeral home to set aside a teaspoon of ashes in a separate container. When you are ready, contact me by email and I will meet with you at Blue Sage Studios to receive the ashes and discuss what you would like to have made.

I've had ashes in an urn for many years, can I still have something made with them?

Many losses are never forgotten and shouldn't be. It does not matter how old the ashes are, I can create a personalized memorial for you to be able to see their ashes and remember them in a fresh light.

How do I get ashes to you?

Contact me any time through this website. Please email me first, then we can schedule a time to meet at Blue Sage Studios.

Can I order one in a different color than what you show?

I will try to match a color for you on the intertwined designs but not all colors work or look good in the embraced design.

Heavenly Glass, OKC, Oklahoma, cremation, ashes, glass, urns, dog, cat, funeral flowers, memorial

How long will it take you to make my piece?

Please allow us 2 - 4 weeks before we text or email  that your Memorial Art Piece is ready for you to pick up.

Can I have two colors in the Intertwine Design?

Yes, a 2nd color can be added to the Intertwine Design where equal amounts of both colors spiral along both sides of the ashes.

Can I have two colors in the Embrace Design?

Yes, a 2nd  color can be added to the Embrace Design, but please specify the primary color 1st and then the 2nd color which will form the smaller wedge as with the American Color Design. Understand that some colors do not work as well together in this design.

How do I pay?

If you are working directly with Heavenly Glass we accept cash, check, or credit when your memorial piece is delivered. If you are ordering through a funeral home or veterinary clinic, payment will be coordinated through that service.