See how each vase is made and why I make them

Tear Saver Vase

a teaspoon of ashes held within glass flows down the side of a tear drop shaped vase.

Reflecting a caring record of the tears wept for your loved one.

Choose from 3 colors

Each vase is 10-12" tall with approximately a 4" diameter base and a 2" opening.

No Two Teardrops Are Alike


Sun & Stars

Metallic gold is added to molten glass to create these colors of gold topaz and deep reds used in the Sun & Stars Tear Saver Vase and Halo Globe.


Millefiori is Italian for a thousand flowers and is a popular Italian art glass with flower like patters used in the Wildflowers Tear Saver Vase and Halo Globe.

Earth and Skies

I was inspired by the hope and courage I felt from looking up at heavenly clouds after loosing someone I loved. To reflect that feeling in memorial glass, I designed the Earth and Skies Tear Saver Vase and Halo Globe.